Research Interests

Language variation and change                                                  Social variation in language use

         Language contact                                                               The structure of spoken language

  Social dialectology                                                                      Language and education

Recent projects

2014-2019 ATheME (Advancing the Multilingual Experience). EU Framework 7 Partnership. With QMUL Linguistics colleagues.

2010-2014 Multicultural London English/Multicultural Paris French. ESRC.  With Penelope Gardner- Chloros and Maria Secova.

2010-2011 From sociolinguistic research to English language teaching. ESRC. With Susan Fox and Paul Kerswill.

2007-2010  Multicultural London English: the emergence, acquisition and diffusion of a new variety. ESRC.

                     With  Paul Kerswill, Susan Fox and Eivind Torgersen.